Niagara Academy of Sports is a many-faceted organization that offers a wide variety of services.


TOURNAMENTS:  Weekend Tournaments sanctioned by the OTA, throughout the year.

ACADEMY PROGRAM: 10-month holistic program that includes the technical, tactical, mental, physical, and competitive aspects of the game, delivered in conjunction with academic program.


COMPETITIVE STREAM PROGRAM: 1 ½ hours of instruction using the holistic approach that includes the technical, tactical, mental, physical, and competitive aspects of the game.

PROGRESSIVE OR COLOURED BALL PROGRAM:  Green Ball, Orange Ball and Red Ball Programs played on modified court-sizes with modified equipment for ages 10 and under.

ADULT PROGRAMS:  Pay as You Play, court packages, prepaid permanent court times

PICKLEBALL: Adult league delivered by Karen Golob as part of the Twenty Valley Pickleball League



MARCH BREAK CAMP is a high performance week-long camp. Players can choose either a full-day or half-day program that includes fitness training. Boarding is available with host families.


COMPETITIVE STREAM PROGRAM: for local and international players, includes tennis camp, home stay, excursions

PROGRESSIVE or GREEN, RED AND ORANGE BALL PROGRAM:  for ages 10 and under, using modified court size and equipment.

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP:  offers tennis lessons for varying levels, along with round robin tournaments, BBQ’s, fitness excursions, English as a Second Language classes (optional) and home stay.

MULTI-SPORT CAMP: offers tennis, golf, soccer, swimming and rowing opportunities, along with English as a Second Language classes, weekly excursions and home stay opportunities.

ESL (ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE CAMP: for students wanting to learn or improve their English, 2 hours of English classes per day, along with sports and fitness training, excursions and the opportunity to stay with an English-speaking family.


ACADEMIC PROGRAMS: Elementary (Grades 7-8), Secondary (Grades 9-12), ESL Studies,  SAT/ACT Studies


HOME STAY PROGRAM: for Academy students and summer campers living outside the Niagara Region


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: available for students who meet the criteria, on first come, first serve basis