Niagara Academy is an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected private school and is authorized to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Staff and administration adhere strictly to the Ministry of Education’s curriculum and guidelines as required. Class sizes are generally a 10:1 ratio
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GRADES 7 – 8

The elementary division at Niagara Academy offers grades 7 and 8 and follows the Ontario Curriculum. There are multi-grade classes, with different teachers for different subjects. Generally class sizes are a 6:1 ratio.

Art, music and drama are also offered along with the core courses of language arts, math, science, social studies and French. Our focus is on reinforcing the basics to build a solid foundation of essential skills, important for a successful future.

Our elementary program integrates sport training with academics so that students can be finished their school day and training by dinner time. Students start goal setting and preparing for post secondary education from the time they enroll at Niagara Academy.

GRADES 9 – 12

In order to provide students with the necessary qualifications to enter an American college or university, Niagara Academy provides guidance and the appropriate course selection to fulfill NCAA 16 core course requirements.

There are 3 criteria used while determining a students’ course selection:

Ministry of Education – Successful completion of 30 credits in order to graduate, with 18 of those credits being compulsory courses.
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NCAA (National College Athletic Association – the clearing house regulatory body) successful completion to ensure applicants have course requirements for college entrance.
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Canadian University – Completion of 6 grade 12 courses at the ‘university or M” level.
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Niagara Academy offers specialized English as a Second Language (ESL) programming. Our qualified team of teachers develop an individualized program for each student. They help the students build a solid foundation in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

Staff will help students achieve their personal goals in order to learn the language or to focus on getting a scholarship for post secondary education. Students will have the opportunity to practice what they learn daily with others students. Placement in an English-speaking host family will also help students to improve English at a more rapid pace.


Niagara Academy offers classes in SAT and TOEFL preparation. They will guide students through the entire process until they write the exam and achieve the scores they want. Students will be given class time and independent study time to work on these studies.

For the SAT exam preparation, emphasis will be placed on mathematics, critical reading and writing. For TOEFL, the focus will be on reading, writing, listening and speaking. They will also undergo a series of practice testing to prepare for both exams. Studying for these exams will also help students increase their English vocabulary and improve their essay writing skills.


Niagara Academy’s strong sports programs are aimed at preparing students to meet the required standards for an athletic scholarship. Students spend fifteen hours or more every school week, working on their specific sport and fitness. Highly experienced coaches help students with the technical, tactical, mental, physical, and competitive aspects of the game. In addition, students are provided with transportation and traveling coaches when they compete in tournaments. Several International Tennis Federation, Ontario Tennis Association and Golf events in Ontario are included in this schedule.


Grade 9 Grade 10
AVI1O Visual Arts BBI2O Introduction to Business
CGC1D Issues in Canadian Geography CHC2D Canadian History Since World War 1
ENG1D English CHV2O Civics
FSF1D Core French  ENG2D  English
GLS1O Learning Strategies GLC2O Career Studies
LWS1D Spanish MPM2D Principles of Mathematics
MPM1D Principles of Mathematics PPL2O Healthy Active Living Education
PPL1O Healthy Active Living Education SNC2D Science
SNC1D Science
Grade 11 Grade 12
CHA3U American History BBB4M International Business Fundamentals
ENG3U English CGW4U Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
HSP3U Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology CLN4U Canadian and International Law
MCR3U Functions COOP3O/ 4O Co-operative Education (1 or 2 credits)
PPL3O Healthy Active Living Education ENG4U English
PPZ3O Health for Life EWC4U Writer’s Craft
SBI3U  Biology HSB4M Challenge and Change in Society
SCH3U Chemistry HHS4U Families in Canada
SPH3U Physics MCV4U Calculus and Vectors
MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management
MHF4U Advanced Functions
PLF4U Recreation and Fitness Leadership
PPL4O Healthy Active Living Education
SBI4U Biology
SCH4U Chemistry
SPH4U Physics
Elementary Grades 7-8
Language Arts Physical Education
Mathematics Science
French Social Studies
The Arts: Art, Music, Drama