Niagara Academy’s teachers are enthusiastic about the Academy program and motivated to guide their students towards success. All of the teachers have developed their subject curriculum to meet the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. The well-being of each student is important to the faculty members. To this end, they enjoy working with individual students to develop and to pursue their goals.


Academic Administrator Maureen Chudyk, B.A.
~ 34 years elementary and secondary teaching in the Ontario public system
~ 18 years teaching at Niagara Academy
~ Author of over 25 international classroom and teaching publications
~ Tennis player for over 30 years
Candance Hillier, B.A.
~ 35 years teaching in Ontario public system
~ 2 years teaching at The American International School of Muscat, in Oman
~ 12 years at Niagara Academy
Rina Bergshoeff
~ Adult Education Spanish teacher, District School Board of Niagara
~ 3 years teaching Spanish/Art at Niagara Academy
~ Home Stay Co-ordinator
~ Junior  Program Co-ordinator
Juliana Aparicio
~ Completing B.Sc. with major in Biology
~ 3 years as teaching assistant at Niagara Academy
~ Attending Niagara University for Masters in Science of Education