Dear Parents

The school year is going along very well! We have a great bunch of students attending Niagara Academy this year! Thank you for sending them!

Secondary report cards will go out in early November, elementary in early December, so you can see how your child is progressing. This year we are offering grades 7-12 and we have students from around the Niagara region, Mexico, China, Germany and Bahrain. Thank you to the home stay parents for hosting them. Our students are so lucky to be able to learn about other cultures and have such intensive tennis programs. They can even learn some new languages!

I was very impressed with how hard all the students worked at Bubble up. It went exceptionally well this year and it went up faster than usual. Thank you to the volunteers who also helped with this.

October was a warmer than usual month so our students are just getting used to the colder weather moving in. We have some kids who will experience their first real winter in Canada and it is always exciting to see their faces when the first snow arrives. But hopefully that will hold off.

I am so proud of our student athletes. They work extremely hard in their academics and athletics. They are disciplined and they sometimes sacrifice the fun that other students their age get. They have to juggle a lot and it is not always easy. But thank you to all of you for ensuring they are well rested, healthy, hydrated and positive!

Some important dates to remember:

For your planning purposes, December 15th is the last day of class before Christmas. The new year begins for us January 8th. Semester 1 exams are January 24-26th. March Break is the week of the 12-16th. The grade 11 and 12 students are scheduled to write the SAT in early December and the Grade 10’s will write the literacy test on April 4th of 2018. Our last day of class for the year is June 5th.

Ms. Becky
Rebecca Lott -Principal