Lezlie-FounderOUR MISSION

Our mission is to provide high performance sports training and a personalized academic program, in order to develop independent thinkers within a nurturing family environment.

Niagara Academy strives to meet the goals of university-bound students while challenging them to realize personal excellence. We seek to admit qualified student-athletes whose athletic and academic abilities will contribute to and benefit from rigorous educational and high performance training. As such, all of the courses we offer at Niagara Academy are at the Academic Level in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Our predominant teaching and coaching style fosters success at college, university and beyond. It is mainly structured, adaptive self-teaching, rounded out with group learning to ensure that the students can perform constantly on their own initiative, while being fully capable of functioning in teams, as either team members or leaders.

Every staff member encourages the pursuit of excellence in character, leadership and scholarship. Our rich and varied community cultivates the values of commitment, courage, and compassion. Whether students aspire to become champions or attain a university scholarship, their ambition will find a strong foundation on which to flourish. We strive to not only develop champions, but independent thinkers, with magnificent learning skills, who will excel in today’s competitive world.


Niagara Academy was established in 1997, by Ms Lezlie Murch, who saw a need for students to combine excellence in tennis with excellence in academic studies.

Niagara Academy has a small school setting, with Grades 4 through 12, SAT, ACT and TOEFL preparation. Students are encouraged to set athletic and academic goals and then given the tools and guidance for success. While at Niagara Academy, students are given the personalized attention and support they need to develop the fundamentals of leadership, championship, and true excellence, as well as the ability to participate as part of a team.

Niagara Academy’s unique program has attracted students from across Canada, as well as from around the world. Since its inception, the program has been enriched by students from Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, United States, and Venezuela. To help students adjust to life away from home and to ensure the happiness and well-being of the each student, students who come from outside the local area live with carefully selected local families.

We are proud of our many accomplishments since 1997 and look forward to the continued successes of the student-athletes.