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The CHANGING THE GAME has a website parents may wish to access to learn more about making the game of tennis a good experience for their children.

  • From the changing the Game Project, here are 10 QUESTIONS, parents should ask their tennis playing children.
  • To read a chapter on CONFIDENCE from John Sullivan’s book, Changing the Game.

Videos, websites and news articles

Winning requires a balance between a competitive fight and emotional control.  Read USTPA coach Ben Loeb’s advice in the USTPA’s ADDvantage Magazine.

What Happens When the Tennis Parent Wants ‘It’ More than the Kid?

In this article on Alistair McCaw explains that motivation to play must be intrinsic. No amount of coaching from a coach or parent can instill that passion. to read this article, click What Happens When the Tennis Parent Wants ‘It’ More than the Kid?

Why Kids Quit Sport

The  article on the Changing the Game website attributes the issue of kids wanting to quit sports to coaching, parents and the way in which the sport is conducted. Read more details about this at WHY KIDS QUIT SPORTS.

Sleep and Electronic Devises

Here’s an article called To Sleep Perchance that appeared in the May 16th-22nd issue of The Economist on using electronic devices before bedtime. Research suggests that teens are particularly prone to having their sleep affected.

Inspirational Video

Here is an inspirational video on YouTube called Rise and Shine.

New Research on Dehydration in Sports

Brock University has done a study on dehydration in sports. A summary was published in the Globe and Mail on Thursday, May 14.

To read more about the study, click Athletes perform equally whether they’re dehydrated or not.

Another article on the same subject, called WATERLOGGED. appeared in the June 1 Globe and Mail.

Increasing Myopia in Today’s Population

There is an increasing incidence of myopia because of people are spending so much time using their close-up vision-for computer and other electronic devices. But those same eyes can be retrained (neuroplasticity) for seeing longer distances by spending more time outdoors. I bring this to your attention because the tennis training we offer is an excellent way to offset the tendency for near-sightedness.

Shedding light on the blurry world of myopia and its meteoric global growth (Globe and Mail, April 20)

The Teenage Brain

Making Sense of the Teenage Brain (Globe and Mail, January 9, 2015)
Inside your teenager’s scary brain (Macleans, January 4, 2015)