Tactical Training

Tactical training is what a player does with the ball in a game.

To do this, the Niagara Academy coaches help players develop consistency. Without consistency, the rest of the game is likely to fall apart. Other components of the game, such as physical conditioning and the technical training, are important in the development of consistency.

Accuracy and shot selection will help the player develop his/her offensive game by placing the ball to the disadvantage of his/her opponent. The ability to play wide angles and use heavy top spin are examples of strategies for an offensive game.

Developing patterns of play that emphasize the player’s strengths and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. Learning to change the rhythm of the game and using sequences of shots are part of this tactical training.

Making use of both the first and second serve as offensive weapons are part of the athlete’s training. Developing power and spins are important components of both the offensive and defensive game.

Opportunities for competition are offered for the player to combine and practice all aspects of his/her game.