Nutrition Coach/InstructorDuane Butler

Niagara Academy’s nutritional program will be provided by ISAGENIX, under the guidance of Duane Butler, B.Sc., Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Health and Fitness Level I. Duane played 10 years of professional football (NFL,XFL,CFL), holds the CFL record for the most sacks in one game, and has 20 years experience of coaching youth camps.


Nutrition or sustenance includes a broad range of components with the central theme of replenishing the body. This is to prepare the player for the volume and intensity required to optimize training, competing and living life to its fullest. Along with nutrition, this program includes coaching on hydration, rest, sleep, and regeneration, all of which need to be applied
differently to training plans. Variations in nutrition/sustenance will depend on the athlete’s developmental age as well as the objectives pursued in the MICRO/MESOCYCLE. As the player advances through the stages, s/he becomes a full-time athlete, placing a high degree of importance on her/his activities away from the tennis court for proper sustenance.

For proper nutrition/sustenance and recovery arrangements, the coach and (host) parent will monitor recovery through the identification of fatigue. Regular seminars and information sessions will be held throughout the year to ensure proper hydration and nutritional needs are met.

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