Welcome students and parents to our 2017-2018 Academy Program

Since its inception in 1997, Niagara Academy of Sports has been developing more than tennis champions in Vineland, Ontario. Our unique family environment and well-balanced academic and athletic structure continues to attract student-athletes from all over the world. This year is no exception.  We are welcoming students from Bolivia, China, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine, Venezuela and of course Canada.  We are excited to welcome the new members of the NAS family and welcome back nearly all of last year’s student-athletes.

Last year we had another successful year on and off the courts. Our graduates obtained academic and athletic scholarships to compete for their respective universities in USA and Mexico. On court, our students were challenged all year round competing in OTA events in Ontario and USTA events in New York State.  Many of our students competed at Provincials and Nationals, while also showing well at international junior and professional entry level ITF events throughout North America. We are very excited about the upcoming year as we are expecting even stronger athletes at all grade levels this year. We look forward to helping our students maximize their potential while reaching their personal goals in a shorter period of time.

I am entering my 15th year as a staff member and my 8th year as academy’s Head Coach and I am feeling as excited as I did during my first year. As usual, my role will be to program the calendar year and its technical, tactical, physical and psychological structure. In addition, I will oversee the daily training and coordinate the competitive schedules for all academy students. This year I will be joined by a very strong coaching team, Doug Carter (Tennis Director), Walter Garcia (touring coach and ITF, ATP and WTA consultant),  Kristina Kinarkina (touring coach and tournament coordinator), Julio Murch (touring coach), and coaches Dave Boland and Kyle Korus.

Our support team is composed of fitness head coach, Duane Butler, who’s in charge of programming and delivering the academy’s fitness programs.  Mr. Butler is also our certified nutrition consultant. Our sports psychology team is formed by consultant Vietta (Sue) Wilson, Ph.D., Sports Psychology, program director, Philip Sullivan. Ph.D.. Sports Psychology, and program coordinator Mathew Marini, Ph.D. student Sports Psychology.  Our students are extremely lucky, as we have an amazing sports medicine team lead by Dr. Timothy Prince and his team of physiotherapists.

The specifics regarding our annual plans, training methodologies, information regarding fitness, tournaments and more will be posted on our website shortly after the start of the school year.   I can also send it by email at your request. Thank you once again for allowing us to work with your children. Feel free to contact me by telephone at 905 562 0683 during office hours or via email at egarcia@niagaraacademy.ca

Erick Garcia,
Assistant Tennis Director