From Doctors Sivakumar Annamalai and Saraswati Sivakumar, August, 2017

We have 2 kids studying at the Niagara Tennis Academy. We visited several schools in Canada and abroad and found the Niagara Tennis Academy best suited for our children. The children are very happy at school and receive exceptional education and tennis training. Due to the smaller class sizes, each student gets individual attention. The teachers are very committed and help the students in every way.

 My son went to the Canada-wide Science fair in 2017 and received a lot of guidance from his teachers. The students are surrounded by peers who excel at school and tennis with good placement in well known universities.

The curriculum is well balanced with tennis and education. It is the only school  in Canada which is focused on excellent tennis training and providing world class education in the same campus.

From Doroto and Marian Bednarczyk, parents of Dylan Bednarczyk (2016 Niagara Academy graduate)

I would like to thank you and all Niagara Academy teachers to assist Dylan in completion of his study. The academy you have built, the culture, knowledge and flexibility of teachers and coaches is very  unique worldwide. Niagara  Academy allows young athletes to grow their game and education. Once again big thanks from bottom of my heart.

Graduating from Niagara Academy,  Dylan is well equipped as a student and athlete and without any doubt will do well in school and on tennis court while attending Nebraska University. It is our expectation that together we will be able to celebrate many of his future achievements.  As you know Daniel has graduated from Indiana University with very good marks, played leader role for his team, contributing to team overall success and made significant accomplishments along the way including finishing as  6th winningest double player in University history (founded January 20, 1820). Daniel has also won three consecutive BIG10 sportsmanship award. Recently Daniel has been accepted into MBA program at Division I school as graduate assistant coach for men’s and women team. It is great accomplishment not only for Daniel but also great achievement for all  people who helped him along the way. Niagara Academy, coaches, teachers and your own involvement in his life played significant role in his success . Many thanks to all of you.

Yrery Garcia, January 9, 2015

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

This quote defines the last year and a half I have spent at Niagara Academy.

Even though all of us are here to practice an individual sport, tennis, it is amazing how it feels like a team sport. All of a sudden, because what I have made at Niagara Academy are teammates, friends and family. It really surprises me how the people here are so determined to hold your hand and help you to find the way to reach your goals. We may not have all the same goals but still everybody is willing to help you reach them.

I am so thankful I made the decision to come to Niagara Academy because I know there is no academy like this one out there. Today, I feel very lucky for the opportunity to be a part of this family that has taught me so much.

I will never forget this little place full of people with big hearts, this is an experience I know I am going to tell my kids about and I know I am going to be back someday too!

Dylan Simone, University of Toronto PhD Candidate

After graduating from NAT in 2009, I enrolled in McMaster University, where I completed my Bachelors degree in Human Geography and Urban Planning in 2013. From there, I completed a Masters in the same field at the University of Toronto, and as of September 2014, I am working towards my PhD. My research looks at the intersections of housing, finance, and immigration policy, as they relate to questions of social justice. I am particularly interested in how we can reform the way (current) markets work to ensure quality housing for all, and especially for racialized and low-income immigrants. The independent thinking, time management, and perseverance I developed as a student-athlete at Niagara Academy has directly impacted my performance in academics. Without question, Niagara Academy was the single most important and foundational time in my life, and the kindness and quality of character you will find there — among coaches, teachers, and friends — is second to none.

From Raina Halabi, Niagara Academy 2009 grad

After high school, I received a full scholarship to the University of Detroit Mercy where I competed on a Division 1 tennis team. At Detroit I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, in addition to a minor in business administration.  Upon graduating from college in May of 2014, I moved to Cambridge, MA to coach tennis at the Tennis Academy at Harvard for four months. I am currently employed by a firm named Fidelity Investments in Toronto. In terms of my future plans, I am hoping to remain with Fidelity Investments for a long and prosperous career. On the personal side, I would love to backpack through Europe this summer!